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A Holiday Poem from the Tablo Elves

In honour of the holidays, we’ve written a poem for all our Tablo supporters.

'Twas a day before Christmas, and at Tablo HQ,

the team’s putting labels on boxes for you.

Tablo Beta Labels

With Model: 2 Tuner, and Edition: Indiegogo

Tablo DVR stack

for Testers they wrote a welcome letter with info.

The Tablos were nestled all snug in bubble wrap,

Tablo DVR bubble wrap

while Apple just approved our iOS app.

Tablo iOS app

Then out in the parking lot

two elves, they did scatter,

so they could take care of an important matter.

Tablo beta hand delivery

They dodged and they weaved

to avoid all the snow.

And then hand delivered

the first Beta Tablo.

Tablo Hand Delivery

To a fan who loves TV

but hates Cable bills.

The smile on his face

gave us all such a thrill.

Happy Tablo Supporter

And we heard him exclaim as we walked out of sight,

“Can’t wait to try out my new Tablo tonight!”

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