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Celebrate Independence from the Five Evils of Cable TV

Savvy cord cutters know that there’s no ‘deal’ from a cable or satellite company that could ever offer the same freedom and cost savings as cutting the cord on cable TV.

This week we’re celebrating our cord cutting customers’ independence from the top five evils of cable and satellite TV.

Tablo Celebrate Independence Cable

And for those who are still shackled to their cable box, we’ve got a deal that can help you break free! 

Cable TV Evil #1 – Huge Monthly Bills

Huge Monthly Cable Bill

With inflation and the price of gas these days, just about everyone is feeling the pinch. If you’re still paying for cable or satellite TV, your monthly bill is going to be around $60-$100 or more! That cash could net you a tank of gas (unless you drive a truck) or a quick trip to the grocery store instead.

By cutting cable and switching to a mix of free antenna TV and ad-supported streaming services, you can cut that cost down to zero dollars and still have plenty of TV content to watch.

Cable TV Evil #2 – Sneaky Fees

sneaky fees cable TV

The crazy thing about those cable TV bills is that a large portion doesn’t even go to the programming itself, but to sneaky fees. These days you’ll pay around $20 each month in ‘broadcast TV fees’ for channels that you can watch for free with an Over-the-Air TV antenna. If you also have sports channels, expect to pay another $14 a month in ‘regional sports fees’.

And those are only two of the many ‘fees’ that cable and satellite TV companies are happy to charge you for that you can avoid by cutting the cord.

Cable TV Evil #3 – Contracts

cable tv contract

Speaking of fees… If you attempt to cancel your cable contract early you can sometimes expect a termination fee for your trouble. That is if your provider is even willing to let you out of your agreement before its expiry...

Cord cutters have so much more flexibility to hop between paid and free services and they don’t have to wait on hold or pay a fee to do it.


Cable TV Evil #4 – Promo Pricing Pain

cable TV promo pricing

Cable companies also use contracts to jack up your bill – sometimes almost doubling the cost – once your ‘promotional pricing’ ends. Then you’re forced to call your provider and negotiate a new promotional deal which is harder than ever for existing customers to get. To avoid this, some consumers have even taken to switching cable providers every two years which sounds painful and potentially expensive if you’re paying for installation as well.

Paid streaming services generally don’t have the same promotional schemes and any price hikes tend to be more modest. But if the cost of a service ever breaks their budget, cord cutters can just log on to their account and hit the ‘cancel’ button.  


Cable TV Evil #5 – Set-Top-Box Rentals

cable TV set-top-box rental

Of course you’re also paying your cable or satellite TV company around $10 or more to rent their clunky set-top-box. And that fee is PER TV so if you want to watch your favorite show in your bedroom instead of your living room you’ll be paying even more. Cable boxes also consume tons of power so your electrical bill will cost more too.

Meanwhile, cord cutters can buy a power-efficient streaming TV device of their choice for a one-time price of as little as $30.


Celebrate Independence from Cable & Satellite with Deals on Tablo OTA DVRs

Tablo Storage-Included DVR sale July

If you’re tired of dealing with the bloated bills, bogus fees, and contracts of cable or satellite TV, we’ve got a great deal on a Tablo Over-the-Air DVR that’ll help you achieve independence from pay TV.

Through July 6th, you can save up to $30 off your choice of storage-included, network-connected Tablo OTA DVRs, no code required:

  • Tablo DUAL 128GB regularly $169.99 USD now just $139.99 USD
  • Tablo QUAD 1TB regularly $239.99 USD now just $219.99 USD

The Tablo DUAL 128GB is a great option that lets you record and stream up to two antenna TV channels at once and record up to 80 hours of HDTV, right out of the box.

And the Tablo QUAD 1TB lets you catch all your favorite broadcast TV shows with four tuners, and enough storage on the included SATA hard drive to record and stream entire seasons worth of shows!

Even better, the Tablo web store offers FREE shipping all day, every day! No minimum purchase required.

Plus, all Tablo OTA DVRs are covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.


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