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Avoid Olympic FOMO: How To Watch the 2016 Rio Olympic Games As a Cord Cutter

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Tablo Rio OlympicsThe 2016 Rio Olympics are shaping up to be exciting as the premier athletes from around the world travel to Brazil to participate in a competition for which they have been training for their entire lives.

As always, there are plenty of storylines to follow. Between star athletes returning for another chance at Olympic gold like Michael Phelps and Aly Raisman to the ongoing debacle of top golfers withdrawing from the games, there’s already lots of drama.


We over at CutCableToday want to make sure you don’t get Olympic FOMO (fear of missing out) even if you don’t have cable, which is why we've put together a detailed guide on how to watch the Olympics online and Over-the-Air.


Homer FOMO


In 2012, the London Olympics were the most-watched event in history, so calling the Olympics ‘can’t miss television’ is kind of an understatement. Thankfully, NBC owns the rights to the broadcasts in the US and Canadians can tune into the CBC, which ultimately provides multiple options for watching online or live on your TV.

Let’s take a look at how you can tune in to the Rio 2016 games.


Over-the-Air HD Antenna 

Like I mentioned, an Over-the-Air HDTV antenna is probably the easiest and best option out there for watching the Olympics. Not only will get you tons of Olympic coverage on NBC (or CBC) but an antenna will also allow you to watch other local channels like CBS, ABC, and FOX. The best part is this beautiful HD content is absolutely free.

Some of the best events in the tournament will be broadcast in prime time right on NBC/CBC, which means you can watch the most popular athletes live. But since events are scheduled all day long, having a DVR will be critical if you don’t want to miss a moment. Thankfully, Tablo (the DVR for cordcutters) brings all the traditional DVR features you loved from cable to your antenna.

With Tablo, you can record, rewind, or pause anything you want on NBC/CBC during the Olympics. Plus, Tablo also enables you to watch a live or previously recorded stream while you’re away from home. So, if you’re at work or even in class you can watch your favorite events on your phone, tablet or PC.


Tablo tablet Olympics


Sling TV
Subscription streaming service Sling TV is definitely a different setup from the antenna, but it’s still a solid option to watch Olympic events without cable. The Sling Blue package costs $25 per month and allows you to watch Olympic events on NBCSN, Bravo, USA, and even NBC in certain locations. If you want to get even more coverage, you can include an add-on package for $5 more per month. The World News package gets you CNBC and MSNBC for Olympics coverage and the Sports Extra package lets you watch the golf events on the Golf Channel.


Sling TV


PlayStation Vue
Sony’s streaming service, PlayStation Vue, provides very similar access as Sling TV. In the starting package, you get most of the same channels as Sling TV plus many more channels for $29.99 per month. Just like Sling TV as well, PlayStation Vue only offers access to NBC live in certain markets.

In markets where Vue or Sling don’t provide access to a limited number broadcast stations like NBC, pairing an antenna and DVR with either streaming service would give you access to just about every event during the Olympics.


Don’t suffer from Olympic FOMO. With an antenna, DVR, and streaming service you can see all of the golden moments of the 2016 Rio Olympics as they happen. 

 Cordcutter Olympics Success Kid


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